Rip out the wings of a butterfly
For your soul, my love

Emma Stone + Vogue USA (May 2014)



Só uma matéria para matar a saudade e entender coisinhas básicas que muitos players estão esquecendo ultimamente.

O que é um turno, em relação a uma conversa, na língua portuguesa?

Um turno é, basicamente, a vez de intervir ou falar de cada participante da conversa.

  • Escolha de vocabulário

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Tom Hiddleston + Shirtless



Tumblr’s first ever Loki week is coming up! The event, which will take place on the last week of March, is a formal celebration of Marvel’s beloved character Loki. Our aim is to bring together all the different fans and to form a peaceful community in which we can all do what we love doing most: appreciating Loki, may it be comic Loki or MCU Loki!

You can post edits, gifs, fanarts, fanvideos, meta… basically anything goes as long as you make it yourself or have the permission of the original creator to post it.

The prompts of Loki week serve as a guideline you can use in case you don’t know what to do for this event, but you are most certainly welcome to do anything you want, as long as it’s Loki-centric.

So here are the prompts with their corresponding tags:

  • March 30: Loki’s Forms & Costumes
    (tag: prompt: costume)
  • March 31: Loki’s Character Traits
    (tag: prompt: traits)
  • April 1: Loki’s Magic & Tricks
    (tag: prompt: magic)
  • April 2: Favorite Loki Scenes & Quotes
    (tag: prompt: scenes)
  • April 3: Loki’s Relationships
    (tag: prompt: relationships)
  • April 4: Loki’s Villainous Moments & Deaths
    (tag: prompt: villain)
  • April 5: Why Loki is More Than Just a Pretty Face
    (tag: prompt: face)

Please don’t forget to use these tags within the first five tagslots, as well as tagging all related Loki Week entries as #loki week so we can find and reblog your post.\


Tom Hiddleston singing in “The Pirate Fairy” as Captain Hook. (x)

Look at him bopping around, he’s being far too adorable. 

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